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Parents do exist

I’m terrible about only putting pictures of May on here. Since I’m always behind the camera, I (thankfully) am never photographed, but on occasion, Daniel will oblige me in one or two. These two rock my world!


Water Farm Round Up

As of last night, this is the new bath time saga:

Step one: Assume water cowgirl persona.

Step two: Round up the animals.

Step three: Put the cow in the pen.

Step four: Admire how well the cow is behaving and usher pig into the pen.

Step five: Get pig into pen and have a stern talking-to with the cow who does not want to stay put.

Step six: Admire our round up skills.

May gets very fixated on lining up her animals along the tub. Last night she decided that the cow and the pig belonged on the soap tray. I’m not sure what makes them special, but indeed they are.

Bonus: enough hair for a mohawk!

As summer draws to a close

Summer is winding down. The weather isn’t so intolerably hot. The air isn’t so unbelievably humid. There is just that feeling in the air that fall is around the corner. Granted, there are going to be more blistering hot days, but I can’t help but be a wee bit excited that fall is almost here.

I’ve been working on getting May down to one nap, so our little morning ritual has been to take her to the park to run off some of that morning energy. I find it really interesting that she’s only concerned with sticks, mulch and trash. Who knows if she’ll ever take interest in the actual playground part of the playground?

Yesterday, we had a great family outing. We started with the farmer’s market on the downtown mall and then moseyed over to the lawn. Daniel is already preparing her for her first year. I kindly told him to quit rushing things along.

To cap off our day of fun, we went to Blue Mountain Brewery for dinner. If you’re ever in the Charlottesville area, this restaurant is worth the trip. It has a gorgeous dining patio with spectacular views of the mountains. And, it’s very kid friendly. AND, it has an entire yard with cornhole boards.

The moral of this post is: Charlottesville is awesome.

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The Plague

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been laying waaaaay low around these parts. It started with May going through the big D (don’t mean Dallas) and being pretty freakin’ debilitated by it. I took her to the doctor a couple of times *(you wouldn’t believe the advice the nurse practitioner gave me) , and surprise! -she got sicker. We added emesis to the mix. Fantastic! Managing both ends of a that sort of sickness¬†is tough. She. Was. Pitiful. This poor child has never been sicker. Thank goodness I had some Zofran on hand. I feel certain it saved us a trip to the E.R.

Turns out she probably had rotavirus, which brings my frustration full circle since she’s had the vaccine.

We’re through it though. May is eating everything in sight and back to climbing furniture. Can’t keep a good woman down for too long.


Some good stuff:

-Daniel finished the Virginia Bar!

-Belinda (Marcee!) came to see us while she was back in Virginia. As usual, she was a lifesaver while May was sick. You know you’ve got a best friend when you describe the contents of a diaper and actually get a response that isn’t along the lines of, “please never ask me that again.”








As I said, we haven’t done much, but we managed to sneak in a visit LoLo and Nonna’s.

Giving out free gardening advice.

And this afternoon, we went to the playground. May has no interest in the playground itself. She’s just interested in collecting things. Today, it was sticks.


She’s still not 100%, but we’re getting there. I’m beyond thankful she’s better. These smiles were sure hard to come by.


*Back to that advice (pertaining to the dreaded ‘d’) the nurse practitioner gave me. She told me to leave the office and buy May this:








I kid you not. She literally told me to go McDonald’s and order her the fattiest foods on the menu. Things got worse after this. Coincidence?

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Dora on the Floora

Toddlers cannot be trusted. Yesterday while at the Wright brother’s memorial, I made the mistake of giving May her prized Dora the Explorer sippy cup while sitting in the stroller, fully knowing that she has a notorious track record of drinking from cups and then launching them like rockets once they’ve outlived their usefulness. Well, Dora (#1) is no longer with us. She has gone to the lost sippy cup bin in the sky. May she rest.

Luckily, we have a back up Dora (#2) , but you better believe I’m supervising May’s hydration like a hawk. Just on principle, I’m making sure this cup lasts her until she’s 8.

Here is May taking a break from getting all up in people’s Kool Aid at Jennette’s Pier. Thankfully I was able to keep this Dora from going in the drink. Just barely though. She can throw with the best of them.

*who knew one could write a manifesto about a sippy cup?

More from the pier:

Here are some shots of my little mermaid at the Harbour the other night:

*May had one cheek hanging out of this bathing suit. It reminded me of this.

Work it, girl.

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Wright Brothers National Memorial

Is there a better way to take a better/different self-portrait?

Since the weather was a mucho glorious 84 degrees today, we decided to go to the Wright Brothers Memorial and get our education on. Of all the times I have been to Nags Head during the course of my life, I have never been to the memorial. I’m pretty sure it makes me a bad person since my mom works for NASA.

We made the .5 mile walk all the way to the top and got some great pictures…not. Well, maybe a few good ones. I swear, I have more pictures of the top and back of May’s head than I know what to do with. (You better believe any good pictures I happen to capture are by chance, and chance alone.) Maybe I have a future career in shooting photos for Rogaine?

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Nags Head Pier

I wonder what’s down there?


Just kidding about the shark. We saw him at the North Carolina Aquarium earlier today. May rather enjoyed him. I think the thought bubble above her head read, “Hey, that’s my brethren.”

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Summer Nomads

Our family has not been living up to its blog name, because we have, in fact been living the life of nomads since the end of June. When we had that nice little round of destructive thunderstorms, our power got knocked out in Charlottesville… so May and I packed up everything and headed home to stay with my mom. “Roughing it” is not one of my strong suits. I don’t need much, but power is pretty high on the list.

This all came at sort of a convenient time, because we had planned to come to Williamsburg for two weeks anyway. Daniel has a nice chunk of time off from work to finish studying for the bar, so we thought it might be nice to go stay with the rents, get some good food, and some help with the munchkin (!). That child of mine is a handful. Never. Stops. Moving. She’s like a shark. For real.

May has gotten to spend a lot of quality time with her grandparents. Our days have been full of swims in the baby pool, walks in the park, romps with the doggies, trips to Busch Gardens, etc.

One thing I have discovered about my child is how much she likes to be outside. When all else fails, just put some shoes on and let her walk around. Happy as a clam.

*top right photo is May’s impression of the doggies. “Woof woof.”


Yorktown Beach is a pretty awesome place to take a baby, except for the part about the jellyfish. Guess it’s that time of year.


Does anyone need lessons on how to water plants?

Father’s daughter.


Enjoying the great outdoors:

I need a flower to put behind my ear.

I’m going to need a bigger head.


I dare you to find me someone who deep down doesn’t love a little bit of McDonald’s:


Dog days of summer. Some days are just too darn hot to go outside:


Unless you have doggies:

Well, I’m blogging from McDonalds, and the wifi is slow, and the AC is broken, and my tea is empty, so this seems like a natural place to wrap it up. Next week on May’s summer world tour is Nags Head. Calgon, take me away.

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

Not a whole lot has been going on around here.¬† May and I have been filling our days by going outside, playing on the playground, creating sidewalk art with chalk, and just laying low. Daniel was able to a break from studying for the bar last weekend to enjoy a family outing at Frye Spring’s Beach Club with some of his coworkers. What a great little oasis in the middle of the city.

I thought I had never heard of this glorious little place until Daniel kindly reminded me that we had, in fact, been to Frye Spring’s before. Frye Spring’s hosted UVA Law School’s Barrister Ball back in 2008. How could I not remember this you ask? Well, I’m not much of a drinker, so when I am confronted with an open bar and loud music, I tend to overindulge and it would be no stretch of the imagination to say I was a hot, drunk mess that evening. We showed up looking like this:











and left looking like this:











And I’m the Kate, not the Kelly in this picture.

We had a great time at Frye’s Springs. It was nice to spend some time as a family, which has been severely limited due to the impending bar exam for Daniel. May got to play with a little friend her age. They fed each other watermelon and traded kisses. I thought I would die on the spot.

An interesting thing that happened was an introduction of sorts that I wasn’t quite ready for. One of Daniel’s co-workers was introducing us to his children and said, “Eliza, this is Mrs. Shean.” Weird. Mrs. Shean is my mother-in-law. It really caught me off guard. It makes sense though. When I was a child, I would have never addressed an adult by their first name. This situation was no different, but I’ve always had it in my head that people who are addressed as “Mr. and Mrs. Such and Such” are at least 43. Not 29. Right?

May and I also squeezed in a trip to the country to visit her lolo, Nonna and Uncle Skye. Great visit, as always. The fresh air and wide open spaces always seem to have a rejuvenating effect on May. I think she goes stir crazy in our little apartment.

May and her Nonna in the early morning light. I wish all my pictures looked this good.

Lastly, May has spent lots of time working on her art. She wrote out a message to her daddy:

“I can’t wait until the bar is over!”