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Holy Nap Hair!

For a woman that doesn’t have a lot of hair, I was very surprised to find this post-nap coif.

Must have been one heck of a sleep.


I’m calling my lawyer


Future Career

Garbage collector:



Doggie (woof woof) Police:


Butterfinger Sponsor:


Professional Beautiful Day Enjoyer:



Lotso and Big Baby

Big Baby’s in charge now.



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Booty Treats

Mom: Booty Treats? What is that supposed to mean?

Me: You know, like pirate booty…treasure, or whatever.

Mom: Oh, I guess I’ve been living in Newport News for too long.


Nags Head Pier

I wonder what’s down there?


Just kidding about the shark. We saw him at the North Carolina Aquarium earlier today. May rather enjoyed him. I think the thought bubble above her head read, “Hey, that’s my brethren.”

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Future Career: Victoria’s Secret Model

Every morning, without fail, May goes into our bedroom and takes one (or more) of my bras out of the drawer. Maybe I should learn to close it?! Nah, it’s too entertaining.

Under normal circumstances, I would never post pictures of my unmentionables, but this kid cracks me up. I figured it was worth sharing. Sorry my collection is not very exciting. Just like “mom jeans,” I guess you could call these “mom bras.”B-O-R-I-N-G.

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