Water Farm Round Up

As of last night, this is the new bath time saga:

Step one: Assume water cowgirl persona.

Step two: Round up the animals.

Step three: Put the cow in the pen.

Step four: Admire how well the cow is behaving and usher pig into the pen.

Step five: Get pig into pen and have a stern talking-to with the cow who does not want to stay put.

Step six: Admire our round up skills.

May gets very fixated on lining up her animals along the tub. Last night she decided that the cow and the pig belonged on the soap tray. I’m not sure what makes them special, but indeed they are.

Bonus: enough hair for a mohawk!


2 thoughts on “Water Farm Round Up

  1. Papou says:

    Howdy pardner,
    Let me tell you one thing, it is hell gettin all those farm animals rounded up into the soap dish corra, especially those orery pigs!
    Just take a look at what the roundup did to my hair, and that with wearing a cowgirl hat!
    Life is good but it ain’t always easy.

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