I’m calling my lawyer


13 thoughts on “I’m calling my lawyer

  1. auntie mo says:

    congrats to daniel!!!

  2. Mamu says:

    So sweet…We’re ALL proud!

  3. ellen says:

    a good reason to go out and celebrate-congrats to your husband.

  4. Nonna says:

    Woohoo. Go hoos!

  5. Papou or pawpaw (easier to say) says:

    It’s hell being followed by the paparazzi everywhere you go, isn’t it May!
    I personally have never had there problem but know that you and Paris Hilton are continually hounded.
    On the bright side your dad, has yet another feather in his cap, passing the VA bar with only two weeks of concentrated study, quite an accomplishment. You must be very proud of your Dad.
    As a reward ask mom to change your next diaper.

    • nomadsofnewportbeach says:

      Oh yes, Papou, I know. Dad is quite the fella. To celebrate however, Dad told Mama that it would make him happiest to change all of my diapers from now on. He’s going to come home from work every time I need changing.

  6. Julie Thomas says:

    Soo creative as usual!!!! Congratulations to Daniel!!!!

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