As summer draws to a close

Summer is winding down. The weather isn’t so intolerably hot. The air isn’t so unbelievably humid. There is just that feeling in the air that fall is around the corner. Granted, there are going to be more blistering hot days, but I can’t help but be a wee bit excited that fall is almost here.

I’ve been working on getting May down to one nap, so our little morning ritual has been to take her to the park to run off some of that morning energy. I find it really interesting that she’s only concerned with sticks, mulch and trash. Who knows if she’ll ever take interest in the actual playground part of the playground?

Yesterday, we had a great family outing. We started with the farmer’s market on the downtown mall and then moseyed over to the lawn. Daniel is already preparing her for her first year. I kindly told him to quit rushing things along.

To cap off our day of fun, we went to Blue Mountain Brewery for dinner. If you’re ever in the Charlottesville area, this restaurant is worth the trip. It has a gorgeous dining patio with spectacular views of the mountains. And, it’s very kid friendly. AND, it has an entire yard with cornhole boards.

The moral of this post is: Charlottesville is awesome.

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9 thoughts on “As summer draws to a close

  1. That red brick building with 1876 over the door is Brooks Hall, which was the Dept. of Environmental Sciences when I was an undergraduate. Since that was my major, I spent a lot of time in there. The EnviSci Dept. later moved to Clark Hall, which had been the law school, after the law school moved to its current location. There supposedly is a fault line that runs right under the front steps of Brooks Hall, so you might plan not to spant there during the next Charlottesville earthquake.

  2. that is “stand”, not “spant”

  3. Papou says:

    Thanks for sharing May’s freshman photos at UVA. You must be very proud of her, I am sure she will excel at everything she does! I am so impressed with her new attire, especially her fashionable hats. All the rage among the coeds.

  4. Papou says:

    May please also buy your Dad a new razor, I think her has gotten all the shaves he is going to get out of that old disposable he must have used before taking you to college.

  5. Nonna says:

    Wow – is that Daddy?! Nice to see Daniel in the light of day!

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