Dora on the Floora

Toddlers cannot be trusted. Yesterday while at the Wright brother’s memorial, I made the mistake of giving May her prized Dora the Explorer sippy cup while sitting in the stroller, fully knowing that she has a notorious track record of drinking from cups and then launching them like rockets once they’ve outlived their usefulness. Well, Dora (#1) is no longer with us. She has gone to the lost sippy cup bin in the sky. May she rest.

Luckily, we have a back up Dora (#2) , but you better believe I’m supervising May’s hydration like a hawk. Just on principle, I’m making sure this cup lasts her until she’s 8.

Here is May taking a break from getting all up in people’s Kool Aid at Jennette’s Pier. Thankfully I was able to keep this Dora from going in the drink. Just barely though. She can throw with the best of them.

*who knew one could write a manifesto about a sippy cup?

More from the pier:

Here are some shots of my little mermaid at the Harbour the other night:

*May had one cheek hanging out of this bathing suit. It reminded me of this.

Work it, girl.

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