I can’t help myself

Man, I wish I could find a subject I find more interesting to shoot than my child. It’s like my Canon has a May magnet. I literally cannot help myself. Sorry if anyone is having May overload.

Here are a few pics from our day today. If nothing else, I know her grandparents will like these:)

Storm clouds (one obligatory non-May pic):

Do I wait for another bite of ice cream or go after my new boyfriend (who I just happen to tower over)?

Ruffle butt:

Momentary posing:

Look at that child. Girlfriend is a redwood. Love it!


4 thoughts on “I can’t help myself

  1. auntie mo says:

    umm she’s gigantic

  2. Papou says:

    Well if she weren’t so darned cute, you might be better able to exert more self control.
    Just think of what your photo libary will be like by the time she is 18!

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