Summer Nomads

Our family has not been living up to its blog name, because we have, in fact been living the life of nomads since the end of June. When we had that nice little round of destructive thunderstorms, our power got knocked out in Charlottesville… so May and I packed up everything and headed home to stay with my mom. “Roughing it” is not one of my strong suits. I don’t need much, but power is pretty high on the list.

This all came at sort of a convenient time, because we had planned to come to Williamsburg for two weeks anyway. Daniel has a nice chunk of time off from work to finish studying for the bar, so we thought it might be nice to go stay with the rents, get some good food, and some help with the munchkin (!). That child of mine is a handful. Never. Stops. Moving. She’s like a shark. For real.

May has gotten to spend a lot of quality time with her grandparents. Our days have been full of swims in the baby pool, walks in the park, romps with the doggies, trips to Busch Gardens, etc.

One thing I have discovered about my child is how much she likes to be outside. When all else fails, just put some shoes on and let her walk around. Happy as a clam.

*top right photo is May’s impression of the doggies. “Woof woof.”


Yorktown Beach is a pretty awesome place to take a baby, except for the part about the jellyfish. Guess it’s that time of year.


Does anyone need lessons on how to water plants?

Father’s daughter.


Enjoying the great outdoors:

I need a flower to put behind my ear.

I’m going to need a bigger head.


I dare you to find me someone who deep down doesn’t love a little bit of McDonald’s:


Dog days of summer. Some days are just too darn hot to go outside:


Unless you have doggies:

Well, I’m blogging from McDonalds, and the wifi is slow, and the AC is broken, and my tea is empty, so this seems like a natural place to wrap it up. Next week on May’s summer world tour is Nags Head. Calgon, take me away.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Nomads

  1. Julie Thomas says:

    Looove your pictures!! May is absolutely adorable!

  2. Nonna says:

    Look who learned how to pick flowers.

    Nature girl or fashionista – maybe both – a girl just can’t have too many bathing suits!

  3. Erin Clement says:

    I absolutely love all these photos, keep them coming!

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