Life’s a beach

On Sunday, mom and I took May to Buckroe beach in Hampton. It was a gorgeous morning, no humidity(!) and it also served as a dry run to see what Nags Head will be like later this summer. Has anyone ever taken a 13 month old to the beach? It was fun, entertaining, and tiring -all at the same time.











The beach is nothing more than a glorified outdoor model of the inside of our house. May walked around, trampled on people’s towels, picked up strangers’ belongings and went to areas she wasn’t allowed to go. A lot of herding was involved. Next time, maybe I should dress her up as a sheep? (Tybee, are you reading this?)

She had a ball. In a couple bouts of bravery, she marched up to the water line and let the ‘waves’ hit her. She made a little friend and seemed to be amused at his immobility (he was sitting while she was lording over him). I think the thought bubble over her head said, “get up lazy baby!”

One thing she did not enjoy was getting sand on her hands. Blessing in disguise. If she doesn’t like sand on her hands, hopefully that means on future trips she won’t pick it up and attempt to eat it. Quite dainty of her I must say. I’m kind of surprised. She’s pretty rough and tumble most of the time.











Above is a picture of May sitting still. It might be the only on in the history of my child where she is sitting for more than 7 seconds. I have the bucket and shovel to thank for that. May seemed to be quite entertained by transferring sand from one bucket to the other. She wasn’t very coordinated with the shovel, but she seemed to understand its utility. I wonder if using a spoon is on the horizon? Lord help us.

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4 thoughts on “Life’s a beach

  1. Papou says:

    Great photos and comments, Mom is becoming a professional.
    Daniel loved to shovel sand into his bucket as a toddler too!

  2. yaya says:

    I wish I could have a bathing suit like May’s!

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