Alter Egos

I’ve mentioned on here how May’s lack of hair is a long-running discussion in our family. We seem to talk about it so much because when we go anywhere, people always say, “aww, he’s so cute” or “what a cute little fella.” Never mind that she’s always wearing something sort of girly. No hair=boy, obviously.

Lots of people tell me that they were bald as toddlers, but I never seem to see any big toddler baldies, except for my own. I love the few sprouts she has, but I’m not going to lie, I’d like to put a cute barrette or bow in her hair. However, girlfriend likes her head just the way it is as evidenced by the fact she will allow nothing ornamental on her noggin. Ever. She won’t even let me brush her three hairs after a bath.

So, to celebrate her general bald fabulousness, I’ve compiled a list of other famous baldies and her likeness to each.

1. Big Baby

Note: I’m completely aware that my rendering of Lots-O’-Huggin’ bear is awful.








Similarities: dead-lifting objects, proclivity to throw stuffed animals, enjoyment in lack of clothing.

::side note:: When the Maindonalds were visiting us last week, they pointed out that May sort of looks like Big Baby from Toy Story 3. Needless to say, the name has stuck.

2. The Blue Man Group






Similarities: banging things, splashing water on flat surfaces.

3. Walter White






Similarities: charming, manipulative, particular, loves to read, enjoys being the smartest person in the room, prone to anger when other drug lords try to copy her formula for Blue Sky.

4. Britney Spears






Similarities: beating objects against other objects, wearing clothes that give you a muffin top.

The ironic thing about all of this is that when I was in college, my best friend Marcee and I had a long going obsession over the fact that when I had a baby, I wanted he or she to be bald, and when she had a baby, she wanted hers to have lots of curly black hair. Who knew I would get what I wanted…in spades! Love that little baldie.

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7 thoughts on “Alter Egos

  1. So cute! My son was born with the opposite issue – an uncontrollable mop that made everyone think he must be a girl. I was always befuddled (he’s wearing boy clothes!) but assuming a baby in pink is a boy is wierder. We had to give him a crew cut for people to understand; BOY.

  2. I know! It’s funny, people don’t take visual cues. If I’m confused about a child’s gender, I just go with a gender neutral comment like, “your baby is adorable.” Your son is adorable by the way:)

  3. Papou says:

    All in good time, God has a plan for her hair.

  4. Julie Thomas says:

    You know I never put anything but pink on Emily and never pants! but everyone still always said the same thing!! People are just plain stupid!!!! The reason Emily has holes in her ears is because everyone thought she was a boy!!!! Look how gorgeous she is now! So there!!

  5. lolo says:

    You are twisted. I love it! I laughed till I cried.

  6. amotherinme says:

    Too funny! Brush her three hairs, I laughed out loud. I had minimal hair until I was 3 and Miss C looks to be following in my footsteps. I’m having the same thing with her though with people saying cute little fella…doesn’t help she has a unisex name.

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