Future career: Farmer

Yesterday, May and I made the hour-long pilgrimage to Lexington where her Lolo and Yaya live. After many years of renovation and work, they have turned their land into an almost fully functioning farm with a huge garden, an orchard, a bee hive and a chicken coop. Another bonus about their house (besides using it as my own personal Whole Foods), they have a spectacular view.

check out the butterfly!











May loves spending time with her Lolo and Yaya. She might be just a little bit spoiled, if you can believe it.





















Here are the chicks. They seemed mildly interested in her. I hope May comes around to eating eggs by the time the hens start laying them. Diva.

Hey gurl.









Farm life appears to suit May to a tee. I mean, what’s not to like when you have your own personal wagon chauffeur and field guide?

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5 thoughts on “Future career: Farmer

  1. Mom says:

    Great picture Ashley, I love the one of May in the wagon with your dad! Precious!

  2. Mom says:


  3. yaya says:

    And let’s not leave out eater and lover of fresh peas!

  4. Emily says:

    What a great pic of her in the wagon with your Dad! That’s going to be a classic. PS its so creepy how much YOU look like him!

    Oh and May is the cutest thing everrrrrrrr 🙂

  5. Thanks, Em:) Dad and I are like twinnie-boos. People used to think he was my brother. Gross.

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