Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mamas out there! This is my second Mother’s Day, but it almost feels like my first. May was only a couple of weeks old and of course we weren’t sleeping, so I have almost no memories of that first holiday.

Glad someone was getting some sleep. I tried to find a picture from Mother’s Day last year, but all I could find were pictures from May 2011, so this one is close enough. She was so small (relatively speaking. This child was never small) and sleepy. Oh how things have changed. My one year old is the size of a two-year old and eats the amount of a three-year old. Things are moving in hyper-speed and sometimes it’s hard to slow down and enjoy the moment. However, today I’m going to just take it slow and reflect on how wonderful motherhood has been this past year. Hard, yes. Frustrating at times, of course. Rewarding, always.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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