We made it!

And, we’re finally here! After two weeks of being homeless, the movers showed up with our stuff last Sunday and we’ve been slowly unpacking ever since. I really underestimated how long it was going to take me to unpack everything. Once I get on a roll doing some task, May trots over to me with a book, which turns into two books, which turns into seven. As you can imagine, packing goes a whole lot slower when you have to read “Blue Hat Green Hat,” fourteen times.

Anyhoo, we’re getting settled and really starting to enjoy Charlottesville. What an amazing town. I almost forgot what it was like to live in a place where people care about things other than cars and clothes. It’s kind of refreshing to see ghetto beaters again!


Some views from our balcony:


Some light unpacking:


The downtown Mall:


A picture of a wild, pink pookie in its natural habitat:

We’re loving our new city:)

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2 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. lolo says:

    I am blessed to have my loved ones home. It’s country livin with the main sail up on the Chesapeake too. Life is good…. lolo

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