Goodbye Newport Beach!

So I guess it’s really official: we are leaving Newport Beach, California and heading back to the motherland of Virginia. After almost three years on the west coast, we have decided that we are east coast people at heart. It’s really hard to articulate to anyone who hasn’t lived on the west coast how different it is here. People are nice, sure. The surroundings are beautiful. The weather is second to none. What it isn’t though…is home. I have really struggled trying to find my place here in Southern California without my family and friends, especially now that we have May. It really is true; having a baby changes everything! She needs to have family, friends, and a Dad that doesn’t work all the time!

Speaking of work, we are moving to Charlottesville because Daniel has taken a job as a staff attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. Once he passes the Virginia bar (he has to work and study for that beast all at the same time), we will have beaucoup free time to do fun family stuff! I seriously cannot wait. Firm world is in the rear-view mirror, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

Leaving the west coast is definitely bittersweet. After all, we moved here right after we got married. We had a baby here. It would cavalier of me to act like I’m not going to miss aspects of west coast living.

Hawaii...when I was like, 15 minutes pregnant.


Sedona, AZ. More beautiful than you can even grasp.


Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran.


Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Courthouse where Daniel worked on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Catching some rays at our favorite beach at Crystal Cove.


Balboa Island at sunset.


I could go on and on with the pictures, but there are just too many. The west coast has been good to us, and while I am more than ready to start our new chapter in Charlottesville, a part of me will always love my time here.

Once we are back in Virginia, I hope to reconnect with a lot of people I haven’t seen in ages. Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces.

One last note, I have changed the blog title from “Nomads of Newport Beach” to “Nomads No More.” Seemed appropriate. Wish us luck on our travels!!


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Newport Beach!

  1. yaya says:

    And hello Blue Ridge Mountains!

    Country roads….seems to be playing in the background of my mind…

    Can’t wait to to see you all, lots.

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