Teething solutions/help!

Well, here at Casa de Shean we are going through round two of teething. She has both upper and lower centrals and now it seems that her lower laterals are trying to break through. I don’t remember the centrals giving her that much grief. This round however, has been, shall I say…unpleasant.

One of the more unpleasant happenings of teething, at least for us has been the teeth grinding. Who knew that such a sound could come out a mouth that only has four teeth?! The grinding sound is so grating that my soul wants to curl up into a ball and close its ears. I put it on par with that horrible sound that a knife on an empty plate makes. I wish the tooth (teeth) would just erupt so the pain could go away and she can get some relief, but more selfishly, they need to make their début so my ears can relax. Yuck.

I feel like I have tried every trick in the book: baby Tylenol, baby Orajel (that was an adventure in itself), frozen teething rings. Nothing has helped very much. She has been totally cranky and the only thing that seems to get her mind off of the pain is to read the same book to her 31 times in a row (literally). Lately, her book club selection is called “Blue Hat Green Hat” by Sandra Boynton. I wish she’d come over and hand me something I’d like to read. Hmm, there’s a thought. I’m going to put “Naked” by David Sedaris in front of her and see if that works. Something tells me she will not be interested in hitchhiking and OCD tics.

A Christmas gift from her cousin Ella








One thing that does seem to work (when she’s amenable to it) is to put an ice-cube in this little net jam thing (another gift from her Auntie Mo). Genius! I could kiss the person who came up with this. It’s not foolproof, but it does work 59.452% of the time. She goes through the motions of loving it, tiring of it and wanting to share it with me by shoving it in my face. Love my child to pieces, but I don’t want to show my love by teething on it too. I’m just thankful for the relief that it provides when she wants to use it. Small miracles, I tell ya. Small miracles.

nom nom nom












Does anyone have any out-of-the-box teething solutions? Daniel, May and I are desperately soliciting any advice!

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5 thoughts on “Teething solutions/help!

  1. Papou says:

    She is probably too young for either orajel or honey & Irish whiskey mixed 50-50.
    Best I can do.

  2. lolo says:

    You could try the Irish Whiskey and Honey!?

  3. yaya says:

    I think ice is king for this – go Aunt Julie. It seems to me they also make pacifiers/teething toys that are like a freezable gel – but not sure it will do better than 59.34% effectiveness. Ear plugs?

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