Coolest girl on the playground

Continuing in the tradition of awesome shoes (May began her rad shoe collection with a pair of Tiny Toms from her Auntie Mo), I saw a pair of tiny pink Converse high tops at Nordstrom and decided May needed them STAT. They didn’t have her size out on the floor, so I had to fight the (other) bored OC housewives for the attention of the surly hoof cover hustlers, which almost resulted in me getting totally frustrated and leaving sans shoes. But I persevered!

{side note} Women with children in the OC (myself excluded, of course) are beyond obnoxious. They all have a standard uniform: yoga pants, tight shirt, long, slouchy boho-chic sweaters, Tory Birch ballet flats. The all have a standard child chariot: Bob Revolution. Their children all have a standard behavior: whiny tantrum resulting from not being entertained by said OC mom every second. Why am I excluding myself? First of all, I don’t work out, so yoga pants are a no go. Second of all, I can’t afford a Bob or Tory Birch anything and third of all, May isn’t old enough to throw a tantrum with any sort of malice behind it. Ha!

Anyway, her converse look totally cool and she was the most fashionable little girl at the playground this afternoon. It was an unfair competition because she was sort of the only little girl there, but that’s okay. If there were ten little girls there, she’d still be the coolest!

Look at mah new kicks!












You lookin' at me?!












Okay, these are going to take some getting used to.


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