May is contributing to the lobbying efforts for Belinda to create a cooking blog

My bff, Belinda, a.k.a. Dr. Vest, hinted that she was interested in creating a cooking blog. Anyone who knows Marcee KNOWS that she’s a fantastic cook, baker, kitchen connoisseur, etc. She’s the one who tried (in vain) during college to extoll the many glorious virtues of certain foods that I just was not into at the time i.e.-cheese, bread (I know, right?!). Given her vast array of kitchen knowledge combined with her Martha Stewart-esque creativity, I feel that a cooking blog would be a perfect platform for her to showcase her skills. Not to mention she lives in the coolest city on the planet (Austin, Tx), which I’m sure will contribute to coolness of the blog. I mean, the woman owns chickens as pets.

So rustic looking. I want a gingham bonnet and a covered wagon.













Don’t you think that someone who shepherds chickens in her free time would have fabulous things to say about cooking? Me thinks so.

I told May that Marcee was thinking of starting a blog and she became very excited. She asked me to take a few pictures so she could show Marcee her enthusiasm.

See, I'm playing with a pot. I can be your sous chef.












See, here I'm trying to get my high chair assembled so I can eat something that mommy fixes from your blog. (She needs your help!)










So, in closing, the Shean family just really wants Marcee to start a blog. I know she’s a doctor or whatever, but I strongly feel that she has time to drop some knowledge on us kitchen-hindered folk. She OWES it to us!

Yeah Marcee, you OWE it to us (I think).


5 thoughts on “May is contributing to the lobbying efforts for Belinda to create a cooking blog

  1. yaya says:

    Yes and maybe auntie Belinda could start a line of organic baby food that tastes good too!

  2. yaya says:

    May could be the new baby food taster and the face on the label!

  3. yaya says:

    And babies would never eat peas again – we get it May, canned peas are not yummy, not to grown ups either.

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