Invasion of the living room snatchers

So, I used to judge people who let their children’s toys overrun their house. I had this whole opinion that it was ridiculous and it represented a lack of caring about the house one keeps. Prior to Christmas, May had an impressive amount of toys, but for whatever reason she had only a few tried and trues that she played with on a regular basis. All of the toys were nicely contained in one little section of the living room. I was able to maintain a house that looked like it was lived in by responsible adults, and not an orphanage of 30 kids. That was until Christmas.

Christmas, we lost a living room and gained a playground. My living room has been snatched, and I’m not sure when I’ll ever get it back.

Here is a rare sighting of the infamous living room snatcher.










It’s like China came in and dumped a Fisher Price shipping container right in the middle of my floor.

This is on a good day.








Can you spot the real live doll?









I have only myself to blame. There are so many adorable toys that I just couldn’t help myself. May NEEDED the Fisher Price smart phone. May NEEDED a set of metal keys with a keyless entry attachment. May NEEDED the Fisher Price Little People airplane (so we can play “Lost,” of course).










In addition to Santa Claus coming to California, he also came to visit Virginia while we were home over the holiday. Given how much loot we had to bring home, I’m totally impressed with how I was able to pack all of our Christmas presents in a carry-on luggage. The loot has since been unpacked, and now lives on my living room floor.

As much as I hate to do it (because the day has been long, I’m exhausted and can barely function), after she goes to bed, I clean up every scrap to toy carnage that May has created during the day. That includes assembling all of her stackers (her old school rainbow one and her Pottery Barn Kids barn yard animal one), refiling all of her books, boarding all of the Little People back onto the airplane, and shepherding all of the miscellaneous toys back in their basket. It’s a big job. And yet, her stuff STILL dominates our living room.

Oh well. It could be worse. Actually, I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better. After all, there’s a Little Tyke’s Cozy Coupe that needs a home in the future!

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4 thoughts on “Invasion of the living room snatchers

  1. yaya says:

    Imagine twins, or more than one bebe!

    Glad to see you back on the blog.

    • Thanks! It’s good to be back. I feel like I’m just getting back in the routine. Traveling is quite the production.

      I can’t imagine twins. As much as I talk about twins, and my fear of them, I feel certain that the next go around will be twins. Just a feeling I have. If that happens, you want to quit your job and come help me?! You wouldn’t even have to quit, Professor.

  2. auntie mo says:

    i see ye ole exersaucer space ship is still in circulation there in the background. that core must be approaching 6-pack land by now.

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