My new lens!

A while back I wrote about needing some extra schooling on exposure, and that post sparked a very fun and useful conversation with an old friend from high school, Laura. She gave me a really great book suggestion (which I still haven’t picked up), but also a great recommendation for a lens. Well, Santa, a.k.a. mom bought me the lens for Christmas, and it’s pretty much amazing.

Said lens is the Canon 50mm 1:18 II. What a fantastic addition to my camera! This lens is nice because the aperture goes all the way to 1.8, allowing for amazing close up shots. Another fantastic thing about it? It was only about $100!

It’s definitely not as versatile as some of the other more expensive lens out there, but for what I want to do, it’s perfect. Huge thank you to Laura for preaching the gospel about this lens.

Here are some of the shots I have taken (with minimal tweaking and minimal composition):

Sophie wades through the jungle of baby dishes.









Oh, hey.









That's how the book ends?












May with Frank the Frog.












I’m loving this lens. The pictures turn out so crisp and I love the blurred background. Definite recommendation for anyone looking for a nice, inexpensive lens for close up shots.


2 thoughts on “My new lens!

  1. Jenn says:

    I have the equiv. but for my Nikon. I shoot with my 50mm all the time, it is simply amzing. I love the sharpness on what “I” choose to be in focus, while all the other chaos is quite neutral. Have fun with it! It also helps to learn aperature settings while practicing on food. For instance I made spaghetti for dinner one evening. I had my hot boiling pot of water that I had just put the uncooked spaghetti in…it was all beautifully scattered around the pot and really offered up a nice practice shoot. Random – yes, but practice gets you near perfect!!

    • Yes, me too! It’s great to have the “chaos” neutral–I really like the use of that word. I’ve been shooting with it around my house, but I’m really excited to get it outside. It lets so much light in. I just know that it’s going to be especially great on a nice, beautiful day. Spaghetti sounds like a great thing to shoot. So many interesting things going on at once!

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