Art that only a mommy could love

Most people probably don’t give a hey diddle about this, but I know that there are some folks out there who will be straight-up tickled. Namely mine and Daniel’s parents.

I dropped May off at daycare today and in her basket was a little present:

MOMA bound.












May is an artist!

Now I recognize that this is interesting to probably 12 people, but I couldn’t resist posting it since we live so far away. If we lived closer, people would see it on my refrigerator. Or better yet, hanging in the living room as my new favorite piece of art. Since this is not the case,  I must resort to putting it on display in pieces here on the blog. Lord knows her five grandparents HAVE to see it and I’m certainly not bringing it to Virginia next week.

I hope I’m not turning into one of those people that have a warped sense of what is cute and precious and what is not. Am I going to be one of those mothers that says things like:

“Aww, May looks so cute when she’s throwing a temper tantrum!”


“Aww, her little poopy diapers are just the cutest!”

Ugh, I hope not. Moms like that are totally nauseating.

I grant myself permission this one time to be vocally proud of May’s very first “painting.” I hope we have a big house one day with a lot of storage. Me thinks I will not be parting with very many pieces of her “art.”

La dee dah. I'm painting up a storm.


















Two for one.









No, my middle name is not Jabba.











4 thoughts on “Art that only a mommy could love

  1. Papou says:

    WOW! What talent1 Definitely MOMA bound, best abstract art I have seen since Kandinsky!
    Be sure to send this to cousin Bennett so he can have it hung in the LA MOMA!
    I thought Daniel was a budding artist but May puts him to shame!
    Please paint another for our refrigerator gallery.
    Proud Papou

  2. yaya says:

    Papou I would have to agree about the best abstract art observation, which leads to my hope that she as she gets more practice she’ll move more into realism! At this rate it won’t be long!

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