A message from May

Can't hold me down!












Hey guys,

You’ve probably heard… I’ve been sick! Last week I had something called the stomach flu that made my tummy feel bad and made all my milk come up through my mouth. I didn’t enjoy it very much. I was on the mend, feelin’ good, cruisin’ around until yesterday. At daycare, I started to get really hot, and my caretakers said I had something called a “fever.” Well then, on top of the “fever,” I had that thing where the milk came up through my mouth again. TWICE! It was crummy.

Mommy rushed from work and picked me up and we went to visit the doctor again. The woman with the white coat and glasses put a thing in my ear and said it was “infected.” No fair! She’s wrong! I can hear just fine.

I was just gettin’ my groove back. Now I have to stay home, miss my swimming lessons, take medicine and sleep (which I am NOT fond of).

Although it’s sort of slowing me down, I will not let it keep me from:

-standing up like a big girl

-saying my consonants

-harassing, I mean “petting” my puppy

-working really hard as Santa’s helper.

I need to get better for Santa!












So, in conclusion, I’m a little under the weather, but I’ll be back in no time!




8 thoughts on “A message from May

  1. Papou says:

    May we are counting on you getting better for your trip on the Big Bird back to Virginia to see all of the relatives who are enjoying the photos your mom and dad take every week.
    So please take your medicine and get well because we will be SAD if you can’t come visit in December.
    By the way, you are lucky to have a Mom who is such a wonderful photographer!

  2. Emily says:

    Feel better May, we love you!! ❤

  3. lolo says:

    If i could be sick in your place I would gladly do just that. Get well soon little elf.
    Love will make it all better.

  4. Julie Thomas says:

    Ashley, sorry May is sick! Unfortunately thats part of growing up!! It doesnt seem to be affecting her at all, shes just as adorable as ever!!

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