May got a part time job (in addition to her salon)

Where's my beard?









Yesterday, May saw a posting in the newspaper for “Santa’s helper.” Since May is so helpful around the house, she figured she would be a great candidate for the job. She already has a full-time job at May’s Hair Salon, but she said she needs to supplement her income due to some bad press from a dissatisfied customer.

I think a mullet would be good look for you.









Anyway, Santa told her that she would be sort of an assistant. She will help him with his costume:

Santa, I don't think your costume is going to fit on this hanger.













She will need to inspect chimneys to make sure Santa can fit:

Scouting chimneys is going to be tough work, so I need to practice .













She will need to monitor the houses to make sure the little boys and girls don’t see Santa:

I'm very observant, Santa. You can count on me.












She will supervise toy organization:

Elves, pack up those blocks behind me. Why? BECAUSE I'M THE SUPERVISOR!













This is just a small portion of the job description. There are also many intangibles within the scope of May’s responsibilities, like spreading Christmas cheer. May knows that this is going to be a lot of work, but if she does a good job, she’ll win tenure on Santa’s “nice” list. Who needs money with a perk like that?!





10 thoughts on “May got a part time job (in addition to her salon)

  1. Papou says:

    Wow what a lovely outfit for that happy little elf.
    I wish I had helpers to pick up my blocks!
    Is Tybee the helper, or is it Mom?
    Keep the photos coming please Santa.

  2. lolo says:

    Little elf please tell santa I want to be Anthony Bourdain for Christmas.

  3. Manis Amie says:

    Hangers, boxes – there’s help on the way for all on the Island of Misfit Toys!

  4. yaya says:

    really way too cute!

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