May’s hair salon

Welcome to May's hair salon. How MAY I help you?









Oh, you would like a full beauty treatment? Let me take a closer look.











Okay, we'll start with the tail. In my expert opinion, this is where you need the most work. Let's step over into my work area.










I like what you've done with Curious George. Do you think you could give me a nice widow's peak like that?








Before I go carving a widow's peak in your head, let's take care of the first and most important thing. GURL, YO HAIR BE DRY AS A BONE. You need some hot oil.










At least I HAVE hair to hot oil.


6 thoughts on “May’s hair salon

  1. Papou says:

    Wonderful photos.
    And Tybee’s appearance, if not spirtis, are much approved.
    Perhaps, May could do Tybee’s tail in dreadlocks, so she could pass as a Rastafarian dog.
    Keep using that camera!

    • Tybee naturally gets dreadlocks when we don’t brush out the mats. I think May could potentially give her some though. However, at this rate, if Tybee keeps letting May “do her hair,” she’s not going to have any left. May will of course have the last laugh.

  2. Auntie mo says:

    Dying!!! Seriously the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! I just made my pediatrics team read this and they thought it was equally funny! The funniest part of this and all posts that involve tybee is her never ending flat affect.

    • Well, you’ve met Tybee. Mrs. Personality! Glad you liked it. It’s been a while since I’ve had a funny one. My blogs are boring lately. They all involve May sitting in the middle of the floor in a pile of trash (boxes, which are new favorite toy.) Come to think of it, I think she might be a puppy too.

  3. Mom says:

    Ashley, you are the funniest thing ever!

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