Calendar Girl

Here is Miss May as Miss November! The swimsuit she is modeling is Old Navy circa summer 2011 and the look she is modeling is “Blue Steel.”

Much better than Derek Zoolander












Why is she wearing a swimsuit in the middle of November you ask? Well, she had her first official swim lesson Thursday! A while back we saw a good deal on “parent and me” swim lessons on Groupon, a.k.a. money pit, and figured we should get it. If nothing else, we would get May reacquainted with the water since it’s been a while since she’s gone swimming.

Yes, May has been swimming before. Lots of times! She’s a regular Michale Phelps. When we lived in Phoenix, swimming was the ONLY activity you could do outside. So most afternoons, after the sun had gone into a more friendly position, I would put May in her little swimsuit, put her little bucket hat on and take her for a dip. She loved it. She could stare at the water all day long. Here are a few shots from her early swim days:

Daniel showing May the ropes.












Beginnings of a back stroke.








Since a few months have passed without any pool time, I was a little concerned that she was going to have an adverse reaction to the water. Much to my surprise, she didn’t skip a beat. May was watching the other babies, splashing around and just plain having fun. I was even able to dunk her little head underwater for the very first time! I think she is going to be quite the natural.

Taking a rest after a long swim.










After her lesson, I took it upon myself to indulge in a little bit of fast food for lunch. Since May had fallen asleep, I figured it would be a good time to mosey over to UC Irvine and camp out in the drive thru line for some In and Out. After all, the longer I was in the car, the longer May would sleep and I wouldn’t feel so guilty about making her swim during her nap time. So I’m driving, and I’m approaching In and Out and I see something I NEVER thought I would see in my whole life. I’ll post the picture.

What's wrong with this picture?









I’m sure my Californians know right away what is amiss with this picture. For my East Coasties, let me explain. This is a picture of In and Out. That pathway on the right of the picture is the drive thru (drive thru, drive through? I’ll take the lazy spelling…). What’s strange about that drive thru you ask? There are no cars in it. It’s completely empty. I think this might be the first time in the history of the entire world that an In and Out has been open, and there are no cars in the drive thru.

It’s hard to explain the cult phenomenon that is In and Out. The best analogy I can come up with at the moment is In and Out is like Justin Bieber, and the population of California is like a 14 year old girl. Insane. Californians (and Arizonans too) loooove some In and Out. If you’re planning to eat In and Out for any meal, you better allot the better part of an hour from order to intake. The place is just bonkers all the time. Or so I thought. Granted, I did go at 10:45, but still. Quarter to eleven is close enough to 11:00, which is pretty much the beginning of lunch time.

Hopefully this wasn’t a fluke, and when I go back next week after May’s swim lesson the line will be empty again. Mmmmm, double-double cheeseburger, I’m coming for ya!

Don't judge me just because I consume 590 calories in one sitting.


3 thoughts on “Calendar Girl

  1. Mom says:

    That is the cutest little beach bunny in the O.C.!!

  2. Mom says:

    Also, P.S., I am wanting one of those hamburgers……

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