Angry Buggy

Curious George, it is ALL YOUR FAULT!












Poor Curious George. At the moment this picture was taken, he was baring the brunt of May’s aggression, but he’s not the only one feeling May’s wrath as of late. May is teething, and it has not been fun times around Casa de Shean. This child will put anything in her mouth to relieve the pain:

Here is a move we call "the puppy dog."










The "hand chew" is quite popular.









The 'sock suck" is a new addition.












We keep waiting to see if those little toofers are going to pop through, but nothing as of yet. I guess until they emerge, we’re going to have an angry May Buggy on our hands.

I have found a secret weapon though. My darling Belinda (a.k.a. Marcee) got May this fabulous netted, teether jam. You’re supposed to put fruit in the netting, but I have resorted to putting an ice cube in it. Aside from the floor being wet from all the drippings, it is quite possibly the best teething invention out there. This thing has really saved my butt. May seems to really like it, which means—–>less fussiness—–>happier buggy—–>happier mom.













I feel like it should only be a few more days before we see some teeth sprout. Hopefully by the next post, I’ll have a new addition (or two) to report on:)


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8 thoughts on “Angry Buggy

  1. Ashley says:

    she is so adorable! i read somewhere to relieve teething pain to put a dollop applesauce in a washcloth, tie it up and and freeze it for something tasty for them to chew on.

    • OOh, Ashley that is a good idea! I’m going to try that today:) How is little Ryder? He is too cute for words! Are you getting any sleep at all?

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks! He is such a good baby. So far we feel like we completely lucked out with him. He began sleeping for two hours at a time and now he sleeps at night in four hour stretches and is up more during the day.

  2. Auntie mo says:

    Glad the tether is working out! I recommend putting an apple slice in there too… She’ll love!!!

  3. lolo says:

    Mom,she must take after Daniel because you were a perfect baby.hee hee…

  4. Mom says:

    You were perfect! May is perfect too!

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