My child is gourd-geous!

Happy Halloween!

Reasons to love Halloween:

1. Hilarious and creative Halloween costumes. Every year I’m floored by peoples’ creativity.

My cousin Emily (R) with her friend Allison. I saw this and almost died. HA-LARIOUS.











2. Candy, fo real!

3. Horror movies! Today, AMC is doing a horror movie marathon. I never knew I liked horror movies until 6 this morning. One thought though. How is it that Michael Myers walks everywhere and still manages to kill a boat load of people who are running for their lives? Good question, huh? I think I’ve found his match:

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. I wonder if Michael Myers could beat him in the 100 meter dash just walking? Probably.











4. It’s the official signal of fall!


Reasons to not love Halloween:

1. 6 month check-up

But that’s the only reason to not like Halloween. Actually, I won’t even qualify it as a real reason. I’ll call it “a reason to not like October, 31st.” May had her 6 month well check and boy was it a doozy. It’s never any fun to get shots, but especially not fun on a day that is supposed to be a fun fun fun! She did pretty good though. I really can’t complain. She only screamed for a micro-second, and then she was back to her genial self. The doozy of the appointment was learning her growth progress.

I’m not sure if I have alluded to how large my child is on this blog. For those who don’t know, May is huge. She was 10lbs, 12oz. at birth. No, we did not have any idea she was going to be that large. No, I did not have a C section. Yes, she has continued on the Shaquille O’Neal growth trajectory. Here is a festive comparison:

Babies come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are small like cute, table-top pumpkins:








Some are like regular Halloween pumpkins:

Love the Harry Potter carvings.











And some go in a special book they call “The Guiness Book of World Records”:










Yes, friends, I have the State Fair pumpkin baby. May was 20lbs, 10oz and 28.25 inches this morning. Dr. Abelowitz really drove it home when he said she’s the size of a 15 month old. Where on earth do I go with that?! I have such a hard time finding clothes for this poor kid. Now I know why.

It’s always amusing to see peoples’ reactions when they hear that she’s way younger than what they had originally thought. While we were waiting for the elevator, a lady took a look at May’s shirt that said, “Baby’s First Halloween,” and asked, “Is it really her first Halloween?” I thought the shirt was fairly self-explanatory, but since she’s confusing large, I’ll give her a pass.

The doctor told us that you can estimate a child’s adult height by taking the average of the two parents and subtracting three inches, which would put May at 5’6″. Pu-lease. This kiddo is going to be every bit of 5’9″ and I might even be low-balling it a little.

Anyway, my little (big) pumpkin is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween.

Good gourdy I'm cute!












I can’t wait to take her out trick or treating tonight. Probably shouldn’t call it trick or treating, since she can’t eat the candy. We should probably call it, “parading around/exploiting our child for the sole purpose of collecting candy for ourselves.” I wish I had thought of a costume for Tybee though. Maybe I’ll pull an idea from one of these guys for next year:

Just a little something we threw together.









Have a fun and safe night!

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3 thoughts on “My child is gourd-geous!

  1. Julie Thomas says:

    You continue to crack me up!!!! i cant wait till Christmas!!!

  2. Ya Ya says:

    That she is! The little punkin’ is too cute!

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