Happy 6 Month Birthday, May!

On October 27th, May had her 6 month birthday. Oh how time flies. I really cannot believe that May has been in our lives for half a year. So much has happened. We moved back to California, we’ve had visitors galore. May has grown up so much from that little (or should I say BIG) newborn we brought home in May (after her extended stay in the NICU).

Look at her now!

Practicing my runner's stretch












Here at the 6 month mark, May is a little over 20lbs and putting away some serious groceries.

I'm excersaucing so I can eat as much as I want!









She’s sitting up (with a wee bit of assistance).

Doing my best froggy impression













And her newest addition seems to be the appearance of a some hair and maaaybe some teeth on the bottom?!

Teeth: the better to eat groceries with!













Reflecting back on what happened six months ago, I can’t help but think about what else was going on in the world during out stay at Chez Banner Good Samaratin/Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


2011 Tornado Super Outbreak. During this time period, the most violent and largest tornado outbreak in American History occurred. This outbreak produced tornadoes in six states, including Virginia. While I was in labor, my uncle’s house was being destroyed. Thankfully he, his wife and daughter survived, but lost almost everything. April 27th was the deadliest day of the outbreak. Crazy.


A quaint little wedding happened: Kate and Wills!  I had been looking so forward to that wedding. At about 4am I watched a little bit of it from my hospital bed, but didn’t enjoy it, given that May was across the way in the NICU.

Opting for a low key affair.













Obama kill Osama. This was especially bananas to me. I’ll never forget how I heard Osama was killed. Daniel and I were taking shifts at the NICU. I had come back to the apartment to sleep for a few and shower. As I was getting ready to head back to the hospital, I get a phone call from Daniel, asking if I was watching tv, to which I replied “no.” So upon his insistence, I turn on the news and there it was. Osama got his arse lit up by some Navy SEALS in his “mansion” in Pakistan. Bravo!

Side note: was anyone else confused as to why people were referring to Osama’s house as a “mansion?” That place was a DUMP. I’ve seen flop houses on “The Wire” that were nicer than that place.

In the same vein, I guess Bin Laden’s death is sort of like 9/11, you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard.









A lot happened in those first five days. A lot has happened in the last six months. I can’t wait to see what the next six months are going to bring:)


I'm this many (!!!!!!) months old!

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6 thoughts on “Happy 6 Month Birthday, May!

  1. Mom says:

    I love the pictures of my pookie!

  2. lolo says:

    She has your baby eyes. No glo wurm located, lot’s of horses!

  3. OMG! She is so cute with that smile in her pink Pjs!! I want to pinch her wittle cheeeeks 🙂 Happy half birthday May!!

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