San Diego, You Stayed Classy At My Request

1. Yesterday I drove down to San Diego (again!) to meet up with a dear friend from Richmond, the fabulous April Hord. She’s in town for the annual AABB (American Association of Blood Banks)  meeting and was able to squeeze some time in for lunch. It has been for-ev-er since I have seen her, so it was totally awesome to catch up.

I miss her!











April is one of a kind. We had some really hilarious times at work. It made me really miss my amazing job at MCV, or rather VCU Medical Center, whatever you want to call it. Old schoolers like me call VCU Medical Center “MCV.” Anyway, that job was amazing. The work was fun and the people were funner (is that a word?). One of my favorite memories from working at the blood bank was electing Bon Qui Qui as our unofficial mascot.










Dear reader, if you have never seen the Mad TV Bon Qui Qui skit, please leave this blog, go to youtube and search it. That skit is one of the top five funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Bon Qui Qui is such a good blood bank mascot and “Dang, anything else?” is such a good motto.

Other good blood bank mottos:

“I got a complicated order!”

“Don’t interrupt..rude!”

“Is that what you had said?”

As bananas as that place is, you can really use these mottos in a fill in the blank fashion.

2. While on my way to San Diego, I was driving down the 5 (Interstate 5) and saw something truly horrifying. There was an older hippie man with loooong gray dreads RIDING HIS BIKE IN THE EMERGENCY LANE. Not a motorcyle. Not a vespa. A bicycle. I could not believe it. It was the most dangerous thing I had ever seen. Until approximately 10 minutes later…when I saw AN ENTIRE FAMILY riding their bikes on the 5…like it was a beautiful, scenic ride through the park. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the 5 is the busiest interstate in America. It looks something like this:

Just a little country road












There was a mother, a father, and a ten-ish year old sandwiched in between the two. Now I know you’re scratching your head saying WTF, but there’s an even more disturbing part to this quaint family outing. If you’re not horrified enough that there was a ten year old, the mother had one of those trailer deals attached to her bicycle with (what I’m assuming was) a baby in tow.

Mommy, we want to be road kill for Halloween!











Must I state the obvious? Those people should be sterilized.

3. Once I avoided killing the nice bicycle family on the 5 and arrived in San Diego, I had my eyes peeled for Prince Harry. I keep missing him. He showed up in Solana Beach a few weeks back, like 10 minutes after we were there. He’s going to be stationed (is that the right word?) in Gila Bend, Arizona for helicopter training… which is FOR REAL close to my old house in Phoenix. The latest news is that he’s trolling the bottom of the barrel for cocktail waitresses in San Diego. I figured if he was going to do something as outrageous as be associated with a skeezy server, surely he’d be interested in learning about blood banking…right? No sighting though. Oh well.

Before you get all judgmental and say “oooh you’re married,” I am merely amused that he seems to be everywhere I am, just a few minutes after I’m not there anymore. I think he’s an adorable ginger, and since I’m a ginger supremacist, I’m hoping that if I have a boy down the line he will have red hairs like Harry. So there. AND, there are people that Daniel would be totally excited to see in person.


Betty Draper:











Parvarti Shallow from Survivor:







Megan Rapinoe (U.S. National Soccer Team):








And the one woman he probably would faint over if he saw in person…












Heck, I’d faint if I saw Sandra out and about. I want her to find my dream house so badly. I wouldn’t even care if she gave me the tough love talk she gives all delusional first time home buyers. We’d probably have to be in Toronto to run into her though:(


2 thoughts on “San Diego, You Stayed Classy At My Request

  1. Ehren Baxter says:

    Mrs. Shean, you neva disappoint – kudos on all of the uber great points made in this blog – never did I think that Sandra R., Betty Draper, Prince Ginga, San Diego, MCV, Blood Seminars, past co-workers, HGTV and suicidal familes could be tied together so well!

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