Brenda the Seahorse

While shopping with my mom at Babies R Us the other day, I came across the C-U-T-E-S-T toy and absolutely could not resist. It was a seahorse, and its belly lit up, and it played lullabies and made little ocean sounds. Totally adorable.

Since Tybee doesn't pay attention to me, this is my new best friend.












I’m really in love with this thing. It tickles the crap out of me and I don’t know why. I don’t feel any sort of affection for her other toys. Something about the sweet little face on this thing warms the cockles of my cold, frozen heart. Daniel thinks it’s pretty rad too. He keeps calling it a glow worm though. To those folks who were not either a child, or a parent in the 80’s, this is a glow worm:


Dad, if you're reading this, mail the glow worm to me!












My dad swears up and down that he found my old glow worm in the attic. I hope he’s not just teasing me. How cool would it be for May to have a vintage glow worm?!

Well, the seahorse needed a name. My instinct was to call it Sammi the Seahorse, but that made me think of Sammi from The Jersey Shore (although it’s probably a fitting name since I’m sure Sammi’s absorbed enough tanning bed UV rays to glow). I couldn’t, in good conscience, put my daughter to bed with something so sweet, named after something so…wrong.

Sammi the Seahorse sells seashells at the Jersey (Sea) Shore









So Daniel and I brainstormed different names. He kept wanting to call her “Glenda the Glow Worm,” but seeing as how she is not a glow worm, I felt the name was totally inappropriate. We came up with:




…and chose Brenda as the winner. Why? Because grown up names are funny. You never see people with pets named Deborah. Or Judy. Or Frances. Or Helen. Or William.

So Brenda the Seahorse now resides with the Shean family. Brenda Shean. I like the sound of that.

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10 thoughts on “Brenda the Seahorse

  1. auntie mo says:

    love. reminds me of terry, bob, carol, judith, connie, etc. from where the wild things are. can i be brenda’s godmother, too?

  2. auntie mo says:

    oh my, please watch it if you’ve never seen it. it will have you in stitches!

  3. Becca says:

    Love your posts Ashley! They’re so funny! I must make a correction, however, to the people with pets with human names by referencing our dearly departed Sweet Judy Jane, aka Dame Judy, aka The Dame, aka Jude, but known to all as just “Judy”!

    • Oh Dame Judy…may she rest. That’s such a rockin’ name for a cat, or any pet for that matter. William is a hot name for a dog too. When I was in high school, we had a cat named Reuben. Then I had a friend in college named Reuben and all I saw when I looked at him was an orange face.

      Glad you like my posts! It’s just silly fun! How are things across the pond?!

  4. Becca says:

    Oh yeah, and Sam had a boxer as a child named William! Looks like we’ve got the pets with human names category locked down!! Love you guys!!

    • I can’t believe of all the human names I chose as examples, you and Sam have had them both! Daniel and I decided that our next sheltie is going to be named something human. We already tell people that Tybee is Tina. It becomes too much of a hassle to explain the name. Tina just ends the conversation right there! Imagine if we had to tell them her name was China Rose!

  5. lolo says:

    I will plow through the treasure chest (plastic tub) to see if your glow worm is still there.

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