Pumpkin Patch

Since I went out and got one of those things they call a part-time job, I’ve had a lot less time to post lately. That hasn’t put a damper on the fun though. Yesterday, mom and I went to the Pumpkin Patch and had a grand ole time. I think they really make pumpkin patches for parents, because the amount of fun mom and I had was ridiculous. May appeared to have a pretty good time too. That little girl wanted to do nothing more than check out all the other kids, which bodes well for my peace of mind when I have to take her to day care for a few hours next week. We ate lunch, rode the kiddie train and picked out a nice pumpkin, which I may carve only for the seeds (yum!). Since I’m the one always behind the camera, my goal was to get a really good picture of me and May, but May was way too busy to oblige me.

Oh look over there!









Oh well, we tried. Here is proof that May does have a mother. She’s hiding my frontal fluff. Thanks, May!

Anyway, the quest for good pictures continued, but to no avail. I couldn’t get this child to look at the camera for nuthin’. Props to kiddie photographers. They’ve got a tough job.

Oh, that child over yonder is more interesting than your camera.











Oh, this gigantic stem is more interesting than your camera.










Oh, these shards of hay are more interesting than your camera.














I can handle less than perfect Pumpkin Patch pictures. I just hope she cooperates for the Santa pictures! Hopefully Santa’s: beard, hat, gloves, elves won’t be more interesting. I just need one good one:)


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch

  1. Eeek! May is adorbs!! Even if she is not looking directly into the lense.. There is something so cute about babies and pumpkins. Ella’s pictures around Halloween when she was a baby were my fave too 🙂

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