Mean Girls

Since May has no siblings, and apparently I’m a drag, the only thing she wants to mimic is the dog. For May, I think Tybee is like that popular girl in high school. May does everything she can to get in Tybee’s good graces, and Tybee just withholds her attention for sport.

The cold shoulder, or rather, the cold rump.









Although Tybee is freezing her out, May has been taking a few notes and picking up on a few moves.

Chewing on toys












Standing on all fours










However, like all mean girls, Tybee is actually jealous of May, and would probably trade places with her if she could. She, too has been taking notes.

The big humans seem to enjoy putting pieces of cloth on the small human.













The big humans seem to enjoy putting water on the small human.












I feel sorriest for Tybee in this situation. She just wants to go back to the good ole days when SHE was the baby.

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Mean Girls

  1. auntie mo says:

    How’s that exersaucer working out? More importantly, how’s that core shaping up? I’m holding out for the pic of the 6-pack.

  2. OMG it’s awesome. She really loves it. On nice days, I take it out on the porch and let her excersauce away! And…she’s almost sitting up! I can’t believe the improvement. Auntie Mo: right as always.

  3. Ya Ya says:

    Love the Tybee series but have to say the bonnet looks better on May! Sorry Tybee!

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