Just another week

1. This post is probably going to be a little long, because I am desperately trying to avoid filling out May’s daycare paperwork. I’m pretty sure when I have to take her two weeks from now, I’m going to have a Tami Taylor (from Friday Night Lights) moment where she takes Gracie to daycare, walks to the door and promptly turns BACK around. Tami proceeds to take Gracie to the high school where she works, but I have feeling that taking May into a blood bank is probably the worst idea ever. Not to mention if I did that, daycare would be a moot point since I’d no longer be employed.

Tami Taylor's conversation with the door at daycare: "no no no no no no no no no."













2. Well, this week was very low key and generally focused on getting May on a good nap schedule. As you guys know, I had been doing “cry it out,” with pretty good results. On my last post concerning “cry it out,” a dear friend/cousin, Jessica suggested that I read a book, “Health Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. She had used it with her little one–with great results. My mom sent it to me and I started reading it at sort of a slow pace (it’s difficult to read ANYTHING other than children’s books with a little one). I had sort of stopped reading it since we went to San Diego and the weekend was full of wedding festivities. Well, when we got home from the wedding, and I attempted to put May down for her afternoon nap, it was a battle Royale with large amounts of crying and screaming. I finally did something I SWORE I wouldn’t do: I caved and put her in the swing. She needed to sleep, and sleep she did. For almost 3 hours. After that, I got serious about reading the book.

“Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” is nothing short of a miracle. A large majority of the book is dedicated to explaining the physical process of sleeping,  the importance of a healthy sleep schedule on a growing child and the effects of sleep deprivation. The most interesting parts to me were the explanations of why overtired children fight sleep. Once a child is overtired, their system actually works in overdrive. They have large amounts of adrenaline pumping through their system and for them, it’s not a willful defiance of sleep, it’s a chemical barrier that actually prevents them from sleeping. The trick is to catch them when they are beginning to become drowsy, and start the “soothing” process. Now, I really dislike the word “soothe” in this context. It feel like it’s a totally improper use of the word, but hey, I’m not a pediatrician. Whatever, it works, so who am I to judge the lingo?! Another interesting thing I learned from the book was that sleep is cumulative. If you’re child misses a much needed nap, he doesn’t make up for the lost sleep by sleeping in late the next morning. There is no net gain. The sleep is essentially lost. The last and probably most important thing I learned was sleep begets sleep. This is sort of counter-intuitive to most people. As adults, if we go to bed later, we tend to sleep later in the morning (or WANT to sleep later). This is not the case with children. Keeping them up later does not result in them sleeping later the following morning. It turns out that the more sleep they get during the day, the more they sleep at night! Cue the angels…”Hallelujah!”

The nice thing about the book is it’s not a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Dr. Weissbluth has written the book to accommodate all different sleeping situations. If you co-sleep, he’s got a solution. If you’re nursing, he’s got a solution. If you have a crib-sleeper, he’s got a solution. It’s a really great sleep manifesto. It must be noted Dr. Weissbluth is a proponent of “extinction” or “cry it out” in some scenarios. Thankfully I had been doing the CIO for a little while so I felt very secure in what I was doing. I am so thankful this book came into my life! I would highly recommend it to anyone with chirrens, or anyone who knows someone with a chirrens, whether or not they are having sleep issues. (Thank you Jessica Moore Weiss!)

Get ready for some newly found free time folks!













3. So I decided to try peas again. Here’s how it went:

Did you not get the memo?!










4. It’s fall in SoCal, but we’re actually having a heat wave. It’s been like, in the 90’s here. How dare this place have weather like that? I just left the furnace known as Phoenix. When I take May outside she gets that “oh hail no” look on her face. Like she REMEMBERS. I think living in Phoenix has scarred her for life. On the upside, I still have tons of cute summer clothes to dress her in.

At least I get to look at the ocean instead of dust and gang members.













5. Tybee had her crazy juice yesterday. The crazy juice, otherwise known as Advantix, makes this dog straight-up bonkers. She paces around for hours and hours and hours. It must burn her skin or something. It’s very sad. Yesterday, whenever I took May into her room to feed her, Tybee would come in and (of course) supervise. This is normal, but since she had crazy juice, she would come in, do a circle around the room, lie down, get up, twirl a few times, leave the room, come back in, etc. I counted at one point, and she had come in and out 13 different times. It was very distracting to May, whose sole purpose in life is to make friends with this dog. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to get milky and tired, or watch Tybee do the Advantix dance. Tybee, who is always looking out for number one didn’t seem to care very much.

Fleas need a home too!













6. I’m a total Anglophile, and this obsession is probably most manifested in British music. It seems like a huge amount of great music is coming out of GB lately: Adele, Coldplay, Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, just to name a few. They are definitely having a moment, although, let’s face it…the Brits are always having a music moment. These folks, who have actual talent, put our American music scene to shame: Justin Bieber, Kesha, no excuse me, Ke$ha (although I’m pretty sure she hasn’t made anything in a while, thankfully), Katy Perry, etc. David Gray, who isn’t new or anything, is seriously one of my favorite musicians of all time. I’ve been listening to him a lot lately. Why? I don’t know. I think the piano reminds me of fall. Most people know David Gray as the singer of “Babylon,” but gosh, he’s so much better than that song (although I love that song). I typically hate blogs that are all gung ho about pushing personal musical tastes on people, but I just think David Gray is fantastic. If you’re looking for a good song to get you in the fall mood, go to itunes and dowload “Kathleen” from the album “Draw The Line.” It’s delicate, it’s quiet, it makes me want to wear a super expensive cashmere sweater, light a fire, have a humongous cup of hot coffee and play the piano. If I only knew how to play the piano…

David Gray










7. My mom arrives tomorrow! I am so excited. She was kind enough to fly in for this week so I didn’t have to put May in daycare for 8 hours straight on the first day. Our visit is going to be full of so much fun. We’re going to go strolling, and go to the pumpkin patch and just be fabulous in general. May is always having fabulous visitors.

Nanny and May last visit. May was only 2 months old!













8. So I’m putting out a distress signal. The season finale of “Breaking Bad” was last Sunday and I’m just dying to find people who are as addicted to that show as we are. I have my homies Amanda and Rich who love the show as much as we do, but I’m trying to find others out there. YOU HAVE TO BE OUT THERE! This show if freaking amazing. I’m dying to hear people’s thoughts on how they think the last season is going to go down. Please let me know if you watch it and care to be my “Breaking Bad” therapist!

Where do we go from here?










9. Can’t avoid the paperwork forever. Have a nice weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Just another week

  1. April says:

    Ashley, I love love love your blog, it makes me feel like I am talking to you. I just wanted to comment and say to things. First, mom’s dog roxy does the advantix dance to, the vet said she might be allergic to it so they put her on a different flea medicine. Might be worth checking out. Second, although I can’t help you with breaking bad I absolutely LOVE David Gray. the Draw the Line CD is amazing. We downloaded the deluxe version which has a duet with Annie Lennox on it which I love. I miss you and can’t wait to see you next sunday!!! Give May big kisses for me.

    • April! I’m so glad you like my blog. It really means a lot. Your opinion is very important to me.
      1. I’ll check out the possibility that she’s allergic. A long time ago, we had her on the store-bought flea medicine and she did the same thing. It’s probably the same active ingredient or something
      2. I know you love David Gray. I totally thought about you when writing that part. I have been listening to him non-stop lately. He is so underrated. I downloaded the deluxe version too. At least Annie Lennox knows he rock.
      3. I can’t wait to come down and see you in San Diahgoooo. It’s been toooo loooong.
      Love you!

  2. auntie mo says:

    kathleen is a fab david gray song! love jolie holland’s vocals on that track. david is dreamy.

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