Life of a nomad

The Bedouin nomad rests her weary bones on the sand (colored carpet). After herding her camel (sheltie), caring for her animals (Sophie la Giraffe, Olivia the Pig) and reading folk poetry (“Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell), she is ready to remove the day’s dust (take a bath) and rest in her tent (crib) until the sun rises. The life of a nomad is a busy one, but very fulfilling.

If I'm a nomad, I'm supposed to have a cooperative camel. This doesn't appear to be the case.



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2 thoughts on “Life of a nomad

  1. Ya Ya says:

    I have a pix of Skye that is so similar! His head scarf had stripes though.

  2. He probably looked more like a nomad than May does. Her headscarf is an Elmo t-shirt:)

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