The ice is thawing

Presented in pictorial narration:

Hey Tybee. I think it's time we have a little chat.











Hey I'm talking to you!











Okay, so I've been noticing you around the house and I think we should be friends.























Oh, am I boring you?











I see, you're just tired from supervising. My mistake.











Okay May, you have my undivided attention.











What was I saying? Oh yeah, I THINK WE SHOULD BE BEST FRIENDS! I'll give you some time to think it over. Just get back to me. I'll be around.


6 thoughts on “The ice is thawing

  1. Hope Hutchinson says:

    You are so talented. I love your blog!

  2. Papou says:

    Great photos! Be sure to save these for May when she is older.

  3. Mitch Rusk says:

    i laughed myself crazy at this.

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