Mmmm. San Diego. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth…

The happy couple at another happy couple's wedding

This weekend, Daniel and I drove down to San Diego (or rather Rancho Sante Fe) for Charles Vaughan’s wedding to Tiffany “Troll” Olson. When I met Tiffany years ago, she was introduced as “Troll,” which was a hybrid of her name Tiffany R. Olson. Trust me, this girl couldn’t be further from a troll. She looked absolutely stunning. As much as I would love to post a picture of her, I’m going to let her do the honors of putting her own pictures of herself on the internets first.

Their wedding was really beautiful. They opted for a low key,  backyard affair, which I really liked. The weather was amazing. the food was delicious and the company was second to none. I love weddings. I love celebrating love.

The whole crew was in town for the wedding and it was fantastic catching up with everyone. I think our whole friend crew is in suspended animation, because no one looks like they have aged in the slightest. The only way you can tell that time has elapsed is to count wedding bands. And this weekend, another one bit the dust!





I think Tybee had a little bit of bridal envy:

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.










Here are some pics from the wedding:

A rare picture of me and Daniel









Amanda, Jason, and a ridiculously cute baby named May.









James, Amy, Charlie, Rob and Steve.









Anu, Kevin and moi.










Amanda and Lauren.










A moment of rest.










Our visit with friends was too short, but it was great seeing everyone and having all of our friends meet May. I also wished we could have spent a little more time in San Diahgo. It’s got a very cool beachy vibe to it. The weather is fantastic, the people aren’t as pretentious as they are up in the O.C., and, the word on the street is that they have a fabulous zoo!!! I think once may gets a little bit bigger I’m going to take her. Until then, you stay classy San Diego!

San Diego: I don't know what it means. I'll be honest, I don't think anyone knows what it means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.


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