Problem Solving

1.Daniel was kind enough to do May’s laundry this morning before we both woke up. The only problem is we don’t have a washer and dryer in our apartment. The units are in a building right across the street from our house. So all I needed to do when May woke up was go over there and take the clothes out of the dryer. So May woke up and we walked over there with the empty basket. I’m not sure why I didn’t bjorn her so I could have two free hands. I guess I thought I’d carry May with the left arm and the basket of clothes with the right. Well, of course May gets heavier and heavier the longer I hold her and the basket isn’t quite conducive to holding with one hand when there are a lot of clothes in it. So I improvised…

Very resourceful, mommy.










Hey, if Moses can be carried in a basket, why can’t May?!

2. So basically I had to break up with Panera. I was spending entirely too much money on caffeine and carbs, and I was beginning to get what I like to call a “Panera Belt.” Some might call this a “spare tire,” or if you’re going for simplicity, a fat roll. I have worked pretty hard to lose my baby weight, and Panera’s deliciousness was derailing all of my efforts. I initially started going there for the coffee, but got sucked in to eating the bagels. Well, no more! I quit you, Panera!

I went out and bought a legit coffee maker yesterday. My Panera coffee obsession actually began when we got to California and I stopped using my French press, which I bought in a panic to replace my percolator. That stupid thing was just more trouble than it was worth. A lot of people looove a French press. My dad and Amie love it, although I learned last night they broke up with their press and replaced it with a Keurig.

Anyhooo, here is my new coffee maker:

Welcome to the neighborhood.










I’m sure I’ll still be yearning for Panera coffee. Maybe I just need to buy some paper cups to simulate the experience.

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7 thoughts on “Problem Solving

  1. Emily says:

    I can’t believe you like Panera!! I think it is highway robby for small portions of sub par food. Although I do have to admit… Their coffee is comparable to crack.

    • Girl, that’s how I got addicted. That coffee is out of this world. We have no Dunkin’ Donuts out here, so Panera is my savior on the fly. Have you had their bagels? Those are like crack-dusted crack too. I have to agree with you on the food though. It has gone down hill. D and I used to eat there all the time, but now if Panera comes up as an option for dinner, I’m not quite as excited. Breakfast though…yum.

  2. Emily says:


  3. Mom says:

    She is so good-natured, she let’s y’all do anything to her! May, your Nanny’s coming soon to rescue you……!!

  4. Perry says:

    Forget Panera. If I lived within 50 miles of Newport, I’d be at Kean on a daily basis for coffee (

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