Lazy Wednesday

Well, I’m feeling uber uninspired to blog anything today.

It’s raining its A off.

The baby is sleeping.

Lazy Wednesday, wake up in the late afternoon...(hopefully)














There is straight up NOTHING going on.

1. I went to Panera this morning (my fifth day in a row) and the sweet bagel lady had my French toast bagel toasted before I even got to the register. That’s sad.

2. I walked out of Panera and it was sprinkling and May gasped, and then it occurred to me that in her five little months on this planet, that might have been her first rain experience. She was born in Phoenix so the only temperature she really knew was associated with Satan and the only weather she knew looked something like this:


The haboob!










That picture is real and that dust storm really happened.

3. The rain got me thinking to when Daniel and I lived here the first time. It doesn’t rain too often in SoCal, but last go around we had a week where it rained and rained and rained. Unbeknownst to us, when it rains in SoCal, the ants come out to play. I guess they get washed out of their little ant homes. Well, the first few days of the rain we had some ants in the pantry. It was gross. We killed them. Then, all of a sudden, on  like, day 5 of the rain, every ant in Newport Beach got a tweet to show up at our house and take over like a flash mob. I was at work, so I didn’t see the full scope of the infestation, but Daniel saw it. We were recounting the story to Belinda when she was here and he said, “I do not get grossed out by anything. These ants almost made me sick there were so many.” If Daniel was creeped out, I can’t imagine what my reaction would have been. In my head, it probably looked something like this:

…actually, looking at ant infestation pictures is too uncomfortable. You folks read this for a laugh, not to be grossed out. Anyway, so you guys understand the gravity of ants in these parts, the University of California at Irvine, which is right up the street from us, their mascot is an Anteater!


Dust buster on four legs. ZOT!









Okay, that’s all. It is raining super hard here, so I’m just going to hope that the ants haven’t found our new address.

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