Belinda’s going back to the agency…

So today is Tuesday, the day that Belinda left us and I am feeling totally bereft. One of the most fantastic things about my friendship with Marcee is that whenever I see her (which isn’t very often since she saves lives on a daily basis), we have the ability to pick up right where we left off. There is a beautiful symbiosis to our relationship, so much so that I feel like if you were to remove a snippet from one of our conversations, you truly wouldn’t be able to tell if it took place when we were 18, or 24, or 28. We just flow like that.

It always baffles me how time can go by so quickly when you’re spending it with loved ones, but it has no problem dragging its sweet time when you’re doing something totally un-fun, like exercising or doing taxes. Daniel and I have been really fortunate to have our loved ones come and visit a few times since May was born, and I swear, one minute I feel like they’re arriving and then next minute I’m taking them to the airport. It’s just not fair.

Belinda and I packed our days while she was here, so I just wanted to share some of my favorite moments/conversations/activities from her visit:


1. Baby bootcamp

I briefly touched on how much knowledge Marcee has about babies and children in general. My child is able to efficiently remove milk from her bottle now that she has an age-appropriate nipple. She is no longer crammed into her car seat like a shoe in an over-stuffed suitcase. I also learned that the grooves on the bottom of the car seat are there so you can put the car seat on top of the buggy when you’re shopping.

Well, that would have made things a lot easier.














I really didn’t know you could do that. We’re probably beyond that stage since taking her anywhere in her car seat requires pre-use of steroids, but it would have been good to know a few months back.


2. TOMS!

I have always been a fan of Toms, and own quite a few pairs, but I have been totally obsessed with the tiny Toms. For whatever reason, I haven’t ever gotten her a pair. I think I was waiting for her to get a little bit older. Anyway, when Belinda got here, it was straight up like Santa Claus came three months early. She had made her bibs, onesies, burp clothes. She got her this totally rockin’ Austin City Limits onesie, but the piece de resistance came in a brown box. Belinda got her a pair of pink corduroy Toms and I thought I was going to die. So cute. If you have ever seen them on the internet and thought they were cute, they are even cuter in person.


Toms girl!











3. It’s got babies in it

Let’s just say, since having a baby I say things that make no sense. This probably should get a dedicated post, and maybe it will down the line, but it merits mentioning at the moment because Belinda got a real kick out of one of the phrases. That phrase would be “It’s got babies in it.” What does this mean? I don’t know. When do I say it? All the time. Where did it come from? ?!?.  Just know, it’s got babies in it. Okay?!


4. Dr. Seuss art

Belinda is a crazy Dr. Seuss fan so I decided to take her to the Fingerhut Gallery in Laguna Beach. This gallery has the largest collection of Theodore Seuss Geisel art reproductions in the country. Many people may not know this, but Dr. Seuss, was a serious artist before he became a children’s book author. His wife has authorized the sale of a limited number of reproductions of Theodore Geisel’s paintings and sculptures. One fantastic thing I didn’t know about the reproductions is they are completely hand made. I guess that is sort of unusual in this modern age of computers. Another amazing thing about these reproductions, if you purchase one (hope you have deep pockets) part of the proceeds go to charity. The art really is unique. Some pieces are characteristic of Dr. Seuss. Some aren’t. We had a really nice time looking at the pieces and talking to the gallery dude, although he was kind of snide. Marcee had the audacity to ask if they actually sold pieces very often, to which he answered, “Do we actually sell them? Yes, how do you think we stay in business?” Idiot. That’s not what she meant…


I would totally hang these over my mantle.












5. Pinterest

Man, this is the coolest website ever. Basically, and I’m probably not doing this justice, but pinterest is a website where you can compile things that you seen on the internet that you like and want to keep track of. For example, if there is a recipe on a website and you think it looks good, you can “pin it” and it documents it on your pinboards. I know I’m doing a very poor job of explaining, but I’ve already had a lot of fun tooling around on it. You should check it out.


6. Trip to Austin

It  has been decided that I’ll definitely be going to Austin in the some time future to visit with Belinda on her turf. I have been to Austin one other time and I had already decided that it was the coolest city in America, even before Marcee moved there. Now it’s just THAT much cooler with Dr. Vest in it. So May and I are going to pack our cowgirl clothes (she has a special cowgirl dress from LoLo and YaYa) and head south. Can’t wait for some Torchy’s!


I'm an ACL girl!












We had such a great time and I’m dealing with serious sads now that she’s gone. Hopefully this is the first of many visits to come. After all, it’s got babies in it.





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