Maybe she’s born with it…

or maybe not. May is a little baldie with only a light dusting of fuzz, so she often gets mistaken for a little boy. Very easy mistake to make since on occasion I do put non girl colors on her. So, Belinda and I were trying to figure out a way to make her more easily recognizable as a girl.

We decided to get her hair extensions.


May is consulting with the stylist about the look she is going for.













The stylist previews a short and shaggy bob.












Here is a longer, more sophisticated style.












She ultimately went for the longer, sassier look.










I’m sure people will still tell me “he’s so cute!”


9 thoughts on “Maybe she’s born with it…

  1. lolo says:

    She looks like 1980’s Andy Warhol.

  2. Mom says:

    Look at my baby sitting up! I like her bald! did you see the comment on fb that Lynette wrote, (I posted her with her Va t-shirt blowing the raspberry on Saturday) – she said, “Rhonda , I wanna hold that baby, he is so adorable – “the Gerber baby!”

  3. Papou says:

    I definitely vote for the sassy look!
    See if you can find a red head to try on her.

  4. Mom says:

    Her eyes are so dark in the pictures, I am hoping she has brown eyes like her daddy! And I swear, she looks more and more like him every day!

  5. Ehren Baxter says:

    a modern twist on the moustache of RVA – May falls victim to her mom and aunties obsession with faux hair samplings…

    I vote long and sassy!

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