Belinda Johnson has arrived

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I had to go to Hoag to do the last part of my pre-employment testing. Daniel was not able to watch May today so we hired a person from the emergency babysitting service OMM offers. I was told that her name was Belinda Johnson and that she had a ton of experience and not to worry. Belinda was supposed to be at the house sometime between 11 and 12, so I waited patiently for her to arrive. I was pretty nervous since this would have been the first time I had to leave May with someone I didn’t know. So I waited for a few and was looking out the window since I didn’t want Tybee to go all Cujo on her. While on the look out, I see this cab pull up and I’m thinking, “For real? The sitter is showing up in a cab. Ohmygosh.” Well, Belinda gets out of the cab with a suitcase and I’m thinking, “Why does Belinda have a suitcase? Is this her nanny superpack or something? Does she take a suitcase full of toys wherever she goes?!” So Belinda is rolling her suitcase towards my house and I’m thinking, “Belinda is a lot younger than I had imagined. And a lot blonder. ” Then it starts to dawn on me. Belinda is someone I know…


Dr. Marcee Vest a.k.a. BELINDA moonlights as a nanny










OMG it’s my best friend in the whole wide world MARCEEEEEE! Daniel and Marcee had been scheming behind my back for her to come for a surprise visit. Apparently this little babysitting situation presented the perfect opportunity to pull a fast one on me. I seriously thought I was going to faint when she arrived. Belinda does not exist. Well, maybe she does exist, she just doesn’t work for the completely fictional emergency babysitting service that my husband spun out of thin air.

Marcee-1, Ashley-0

Daniel-1, Ashley-0

I could not be happier than I am right now. Dr. Vest will be with me until Tuesday. Not nearly long enough.


Just for kicks, I google imaged “Belinda Johsnon” and this is what got:

I'm hourly.













Thank you lord this isn’t the person who showed up.


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