Nanny Tybee

Tybee, our sheltie, basically used to run this house. She was the queen, she got everything she wanted and that is how things went…for about three years.


Bow down my loyal subjects














Then, something catastrophic (in her eyes)  happened. Tybee was one day taken to the swank, upscale Tailwinds Pet Resort, you know, for a little rest and relaxation. When her subjects came to pick her up, there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for her at home: a small human, of the female variety. Now it must be mentioned that Tybee is not particularly fond of females. I am merely tolerated because Daniel appears to like me.  You can image how aggrieved Tybee must have felt.


So literal











Well, we’re five months in and if I didn’t know better, I’d almost say that Tybee is warming up to May. She has acquired the nickname “Nanny.”


A tender, and fleeting moment captured











Tybee has a compulsive need to be in the center of everything, and lately that includes putting May to sleep. Our routine with May is to feed her in her bedroom and rock her. I used to keep the door shut, but now I leave it cracked so Tybee can come in and out as she pleases. Supervising is a tough job! It’s quite precious though. Tybee will come sit at the foot of the rocker and just lie there. She doesn’t look particularly happy to be with either one of us (we are TWO females, after all), but none the less, she does her job.

She will also supervise from a distance while May is a awake. Occasionally, she will come snuggle up right beside May and let her pull some fur out. That part I don’t quite understand. The sheltie has also taken an interest in May’s toys, but is usually respectful of the fact that they are not hers. Tybee prefers her toys caked with a layer of slobber.



Now if only someone would throw this for me. I promise to bring it back...











I know it won’t be too long before May and Tybee are best of friends.


Retro-futuristic picture of May and Tybee in 2026


18 thoughts on “Nanny Tybee

  1. Gramps says:

    Daniel gave Greta (our German Sheperd) fits when he started to crawl.
    She could not escape him pulling on her ears, tail and whatever but she would always simply groan and move to another room where of course he would soon find her.
    Hopefully, Tybee will be as patient. Best ell her what she has in store in the near future though.

    • Oh yes, Tybee has been well informed. Her new thing is to lie right beside May with her back to her. May becomes SUPER interested and just grabs fists full of fur. You’d think Tybee would get up, but she doesn’t. I guess she’s just accepting that May is here to stay!

  2. Mom says:


  3. Mamu says:

    Gotta love that Tybee and Miss May! They are both soooooo cute!

  4. Ehren Baxter says:

    So glad that she is (slowly) warming up to the idea of playing second fiddle – I am sure there were many conversations about the “what ifs” before little May arrived. I must say, she is one beautiful little sheltie!
    I love your photo captions – always so accurate and funny!!!

  5. auntie mo says:

    i do hope that your daughter is not dressing like the figure in the futuristic picture. or rocking that homely hair. clearly that girl has been deprived of the public school setting.

  6. Oy vey. Well, she’s an actress. You may have heard of her. She goes (or went) by the name Elizabeth Taylor. She was only the most famous person on the planet at one time. AND SHE WAS MICHAEL JACKSON’S BEST FRIEND. Michael is rolling around in his grave right now.

  7. That is the real Lassie. Timmy (who you rightly remember) was the star of the show “Lassie,” and Elizabeth Taylor was the star of the moooooovie “Lassie Come Home.” Everyone should be as well-versed on Lassie as I am. Hahahahahha

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