Cinco de Mayo!


Today is Cinco De Mayo, or the fifth (month of ) of May being on this planet! Five months ago today, May was born at 7:16 am and clocked in at a staggering 10lbs, 12oz and 21.25 inches. She has continued to grow at an alarming rate and doesn’t show signs of stopping. Last night, while trying to figure out what size pants to get her, I measured and weighed her, and she’s definitely in the heavy-weight category: 20lbs, 28.5 inches. I think she’s either going to be a super-model or a WNBA player. We got next!


Popeye arm!













I use my Popeye arms to do tons of push ups!










It’s still a shock to me that we had a baby that large. I’m not sure why it was a surprise…I was huge. Freakishly huge. Like, people would stop in the street and stare at me HUGE.


It's okay to stare and laugh. You wouldn't be the first.













They say that each subsequent baby is larger than the previous one, so I think I might be terrified at the prospect of having another child. Who knows though. Maybe next go around I won’t eat so much spinach. I’m convinced that’s why May is a mega baby.

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